After being introduced to the mail art community by buZ blurr, a railroad employee and boxcar artist, I settled in on sharing my photography via the US Mail. The entire process is enjoyable and relaxing for me. Not much has changed in the way I assemble the postcards. The images are printed on a variety papers, from standard 20# copier paper to a quality photo paper. The resulting print is adhered to the a card stock chipboard backing, then a copier grade paper is glued to the other side as a writing surface for the address and my comments and thoughts. The postcard is then rolled to remove air bubles and to set the bond with a Formica roller. The last step in the assembly process is to trim the card with a Boston paper cutter.

The finished postcards are then addressed, and I write down a thought or two, usually about the image, or whatever happens to be the current event in my life, or both. I use current images to my photography fresh and to share where my art is at now, not where it was in the past. Additionally, my goal in sharing my photography via the US Mail is to stay in touch withpeople that I would otherwise only be in contact once or twice a year, usually via Christmas cards. I also mail postcards to family, friends, co-workers, railfans, other photographers, etc. that I see on a regular basis.

Part of the pleasure (and the pain) is to choose which photo goes to whom. Sometimes it is difficult to find a match, but generally, it is an easy selection. I generally have three or four different images for each mailing. The stamps also play an important role in the mailing. I choose particular stamps based on the their color and contrast with the image and the paper.